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Legal Research in Focus: A Basic Discourse

Atiqah Syafiqah & Associates had organized Legal Research Training session with Dr.Razinah an IIUM Institute of Islamic Banking and Finance lecturer also appointed as our Legal Analyst. The session was held at Messrs. Atiqah Syafiqah & Associates office on 4th July 2024.

Our Topic: Legal Research in Focus: A Basic Discourse

The training is designed to equip our team and legal associates with good legal research skills, understand legal process, introduced with new methodologies and practical aspect in doing research.

At the beginning of the training, Dr.Razinah with esteemed reputation and expertise in this field had introduced the objective of legal research is to understand the law. In order to understand the law we need to carry out the legal process which is the process of collecting information, interpreting and how to present the information.

Dr.Razinah give brief introduction about legal research
Our Team members listening to Dr.Razinah sharing

In the middle of the session Dr.Razinah had introduced types of legal research methodologies developed to collect the most relevant information. The research methodologies including:

1. Doctrinal Research-Primary Research by really reading and analyse the law text.

    The purpose: To find, interpret and apply the law.

    The method: Systematically examine the legal sources to identify legal principles, rules and legal precedents.

    2. Empirical Research-Qualitative research, collection information through observation, interviews or surveys.

    The purpose: To understand how law affects real-world outcomes and behaviours.

    The method: Qualitative or Quantitative methods.

    3. Comparative Research-Compares Law and Legal System from different jurisdiction

    The purpose: To understand differences and similarities in finding strength, weakness or best practice.

    The method: analyse legal text, judicial decision, legal practice from various jurisdiction

    4. Historical Research-Involves historical development of laws, legal system and etc.

    The purpose: To understand the evolution of legal doctrines and institution

    The method: review historical legal documents.

    5. Critical Legal Studies-View the law from certain perspective, focus or movement

    The purpose: To critique the law and proposed reforms based in socio-political views.

    The method: analyse legal text, cases or practice through certain view for example-feminism, critical race theory, etc

    6. Futuristic or Predictive Research-Involves examination of future potential and development of law and legal system

    The purpose: To anticipate and prepare for future legal opportunities or challenges

    The method: use scenario planning, trend analysis and expert prediction.

    7. Interdisciplinary Research-combines legal research with other discipline such as economics, sociology, psychology and etc

    The purpose: To gain more comprehensive understanding on legal issues

    The method: use theories or methodologies from other discipline to analyse legal issues.

    8. Library-Based Research-Refer to extensive use of law libraries and online database.

    The purpose: To find, review and collect legal material in systematic manner

    The method: use digital bases to locate relevant document.

    9. Case Study- involve in-depth analysis of a particular case or small number of cases.

    The purpose: To find and understand specific legal issues

    The method: Examine the fact of cases, judicial opinions, and understand the application of legal principle to the facts of the cases.

    Besides that, Dr.Razinah also discussed the nine (9) step of doing legal research including:

    1. Identifying legal issues
    2. Planning the research
    3. Finding Primary sources
    4. Finding Secondary Sources
    5. Using Legal Research Tools
    6. Analysing and Interpreting the information
    7. Updating and Verifying
    8. Documenting and Communicating Findings
    9. Reviewing and Revising
    Part 2: Doing Legal Research

    At the end of the session, the practical aspect using legal database also being shared by Dr.Razinah. Our speaker had gave comprehensive guideline on how to utilize the Lexis Nexis search engine to gain access to case available in Lexis Nexis.

    Atiqah Syafiqah & Associates team really enjoy the session very much. Many fresh and new information about legal research had been discussed clearly by our speaker. We believed form this session can significantly increase our team’s understanding and knowledge on Legal Research. Hence, enable us to give the best to our clients.

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