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Legal Training With Perbadanan Memajukan Iktisad Negeri Terengganu(PMINT)

Messrs Atiqah Syafiqah & Associates had been invited by Perbadanan Memajukan Iktisad Negeri Terengganu (PMINT) to be a speaker for the Legal Training at their organisation. The legal training was conducted on Monday, 22 April 2024. PMINT was a government agencies under Terengganu State government. The purpose of the PMINT agencies were to execute and accelerate the development of socioeconomy in Terengganu.

The objectives of the legal training, were to enhance the participants understanding on the legal concepts and provide a practical guidance on the compliance. The legal training cover the following topics:

i. The importance of contract for Non-Legal;

The objective from this session is to equip the participant with knowledge about contract. Contract is legal binding agreements that establish rights, obligations, and expectation between parties, providing clarity and protection in commercial dealing. Thus, with this session will help non-legal to mitigate risks, negotiate favorable terms in order to ensure compliance with legal and business requirement.

There were four(4) essential elements in a contract including:

  1. Offer-One party must make a clear proposal to another party indicating their willingness to enter into a contract based on term and condition.
  2. Acceptance-The other party must accept the term and condition of the offer.
  3. Consideration-Various consideration must be take place to be something of value exchanged for example money, goods and services
  4. Legal intent-Both parties must has genuine intent to make legal binding agreement.

Thus, through this session empower the participant about the four essential elements that make the contract can be enforce by the law.

ii. Art of Negotiations

Negotiations is a crucial skills for both personal and professional setting. In this session, the participants explore more about the key strategies and technique to become proficient negotiators. There were four(4) pre-preparation that need to be done by the person before doing negotiations process including:

  1. Decide goal and desireable outcome;
  2. Do a thorough research on the topics of negotiations;
  3. Identify’s the parties need and concerns and
  4. Build trust with the parties.

Thus, through this session will empowers participants to navigate challenging situations with confidence, creativity and strategic thinking. Thereby driving success in their professional endeavors.

Lawyer Atiqah having Q&A session with the participants

iii. Understanding Joint Venture Arrangement

In this understanding joint venture arrangements session provide the participants with insight into collaborative business structures and their potential benefits and challenge. In joint venture arrangements also equips participants with knowledge to make informed decision about partnership opportunities, foster effective collaboration and maximize.

There were five reasons a company need to have join venture arrangement:

  1. Access to resources-knowledge, human capital , technology and etc
  2. Shared risk
  3. Flexibility
  4. New market penetration
  5. Funding

Thus, understanding joint venture arrangement is very important for a company to expand their business strategy and will bring many benefits towards both parties.

iv. How to protect our institution from being sue

Last but not least, from this legal training also discuss on how to protect institution from being sue. The most important key point the speaker share on this topics including:

  1. Read each of the terms and condition in the contract, letter offer or agreement
  2. Understand each of the terms and condition before sign the contract
  3. Get clarification for any unclear terms in the contract
  4. Comply each of the terms and condition that has been agreed together in the contract and do not breach any term.

Thus, if any of the parties had breach the agreement, the letter of demand can be send to the parties that breach the term in the contract.

Lawyer Syafiqah presenting about the topic on how to protect our institution from being sued

We were really enjoying the session very much as the participant were really interactive, supportive and attentive. Thank you PMINT for the opportunities, we hope this legal training will give added value to your staff and organisation.

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