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& Commercial

Our teams are experienced, knowledgeable, skilful, and diversified in various areas of corporate and commercial legal practice. Other than that, our team is also able to provide solutions to various corporate issues for our treasured clients. We advise clients in various kinds of corporate and commercial arrangements, for instance, joint ventures, licensing and business sale agreements.

Our range of services:

1. Shareholder Agreements
2. Partnership Agreements
3. Join Venture Agreements
4. Investment Agreements
5. Membership Agreements
6. Licensing Agreements
7. Employment & Labour
8. Business/ Assets Transaction

Real Estate,

Property & Finance

Our teams possess extensive experience in providing professional assistance to our clients in matters pertaining to real estate, encompassing the completion of property transactions for both individuals and corporations. We possess the requisite knowledge and skills to ensure that all legal and regulatory requirements are fully complied with and that the transaction is executed in an efficient and effective manner.

Our range of services:

1. Sale and Purchase Agreement
2. Perfection of Transfer & Charge
3. Discharge of Charge
4. Financing Documentations


& Dispute Resolution

Our team specializes in providing a comprehensive range of legal services pertaining to litigation and dispute resolution. We offer expert consultation and assistance in the drafting and preparation of demand notices, and represent our clients in trials pertaining to civil litigation that may arise from commercial disputes, construction law, breach of contracts, employment and labour law, including cases involving unfair dismissal and constructive dismissal.

We also provide legal representation and advisory services to our clients in matters related to bankruptcy proceedings, winding up, and other execution proceedings such as judgment debtor summons and writ of seizure and sale. Additionally, we possess extensive experience in assisting clients in resolving their disputes through mediation.

Our range of services:

1. Breach of contract
2. Bankruptcy Proceeding & Winding Up Proceeding
3. Land disputes
4. Family disputes
5. Negotiation
6. Mediation


& Estate Administration

Our team offers professional counsel to both individuals and corporations concerning the administration of estates of deceased individuals. We provide support in obtaining Grants of Probate and Letters of Administration through applications to the High Court, as well as in seeking Distribution Orders for small estates from the Land office. Additionally, we offer expert guidance to foreign clients in the preparation and drafting of their wills with regard to their properties located in Malaysia.

Our range of services:

1. Probate
2. Letter of Administrator
3. Distribution order
4. Order for Sale
5. Deed of Gift
6. Will
7. Endownment (Waqaf )


Our firm has the advantage of having a Syari’e counsel as our partner who possesses a shariah practicing certificate. As part of our range of services, we offer comprehensive advisory on Shariah documentations, such as Musharakah agreements, and provide guidance to ensure that all business practices are in full compliance with Shariah laws.

Syarie Counsel for few states in Malaysia:

1. Selangor
2. Wilayah-Wilayah Persekutuan
3. Perak
4. Pulau Pinang
5. Melaka

Our range of services:

1. Preparing Musharakah Agreements;
2. All contested matters in Syariah Court;
3. Non contested matters
4. Deed of Gift, Wasiat

Taxation Law

Our legal team is highly experienced in Tax and Revenue Law, with a proven track record of success in complex tax matters. We have a deep understanding of the ever-changing tax laws and regulations, and we are able to provide our clients with sophisticated tax planning and compliance strategies.

Our range of services:

  1. Alternative Dispute Resolution With Tax Authorities.
  2. Corporate and Income Tax
  3. Goods and Services Tax (“GST”)
  4. Labuan Business Activity Tax
  5. Tax Litigation on Rates under the Local Government Act 1976
  6. Sales Tax, Service Tax, Customs Duties and Other Indirect Taxes including Tax Litigation before the Customs Appeal Tribunal
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